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I hope you’re all having a great day!

If you have the Shane and Shane Clean Cd i suggest you listen to the song “Make Believe Jesus”  The Chorus says “Mountains groan and seas roar because all they know is you for who you are, the Bright and morning star, Jesus make [me] believe like they believe”

Wouldnt it be amazing to just know God as your creator… to know him FULLY as He is.  Not to depend on parents or work or anything else for your provision but to know God the way the birds to.  To know that you’re clothed by God like the lillies of the valleys are… it hit me the other night and i caught myself praying that i want to be like a dog… now i know that you’re thinking that i’m a freak for wanting to be like a dog.  But think about it.  When you see a dog, all they know is their master.  Their master gives them food, takes them out for a walk and disciplines them when they get out of line, and no relationship is stronger than a dog and his master.  So thats what i want to be.  I want to know and rely on God like a dog relies on his owner.  I want to know God as my owner, master, provider, friend, and best pal! 

Think about it… you want to be a dog too!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    so i totally miss you and we will definitly get a chance to hang out!! i miss you babe i miss your input in my life….also i’m never gonna be as cute you and also everytime i see a frog i think of you!!!  i love you hunny..always

  2. Live_Praise says:

    I’ve been thinking something similar to that lately.  thinking of people like Paul who completely sold themselves out for the Lord, surrendering their possesions, homes, lives to do the work of Jesus…. it’s inspiring.  something like that causes you to depend soley on God Himself to provide for you.  it makes me think.

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