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  1. Anonymous says:

    hey erica! you need to post again soon! i really want to hear from the T_niney_worshiper with the HUGE heart! keep going with God! ~rachel

  2. Anonymous says:

    ehhm….lets see. why i dont tell people things….i dont want to be shut down, or shut out, or shut in, or anything. i can not handle things right now, and therefore i cant truly tell people about it, because i dont even get it. and if i did, people, in all honesty, wouldnt care. i feel like a hypocrite at crosstown. i mean, now im representing crosstown leadership and i hate the people there. i hate the 2 facedness. i hate walking in and all these other student leaders not even saying hi. i dont mind missing crosstown anymore, because its not much to miss. i know this is a huge pity party for me, but i need to. i have tried. i am no longer being passive. i say hi to people. i start conversations. i dont wait for them anymore. but it doesnt work. no one really cares there, erica. no one cares about ANYONE. how can i be teaching connectivity when i feel none? how can i tell people that crosstown is amazing when i feel it isnt? i dont even know if i belong here anymore erica. and when i look to leaders, i find them walking away too. not you so much. but others. they are always hanging out with girls and being a friend and talking about all these inside jokes. and it hurts so much because these are girls MY AGE and i just get left out. im not even on the consideration list for these leaders of “cool girls that i want to hang out with all the time”. do you know what i mean? do you understand at all why i am hurting? i just, i hate it, erica. i hate how these people are. i hate how no one cares. and no one cares that no one cares. (does that make sense?) leadership wise, yes, alex is attempting to fix that. but these cliques of crosstownerz who have been there forever just leave everyone out! nothing is being changed student-wise. everyone is staying in the same comfortable cliques. Why is this like this? why wont anyone change? sorry this was so long and babyish.

  3. doublebecker says:

    erica schlappi!!  it took me the longest time to figure out that this was you.  i like the new site.  how’s everything going?  did you start schol yet?  trinity is amazing!  i must say that i do love it here.  everyone is so friendly.  my roomate and i get along really well.  God totally rocks.  i know that this is going to be a great semester. 

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