sorry that its been so long guys, i barely ever have time to be on the internet and thats a big bummer… and when i am on its checking stuff for homework and i dont have time to update…

God has definately been doing some amazing things in my life and in my heart.  I love him more and more and i’m still amazed that my love for him is still growing!

I dont really have time to be on the computer right now either, i’m supposed to be studying for a test that i have at 8 tomorrow morning!  Pray for me, if i dont pass this test then i wont pass this class!

I will definatley post tomorrow afternoon some time with what God has been speaking to my heart!

Love you all and i’m prayin for some of you! (sorry i dont really know who all is reading this, But, “God please bless all of these people for reading this post!  Its boring i know, but eventually i hope that it will spark more love for you into other people!)

love you!!! 

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