hey, can i give a shout out to all of the military right now… no, this is not a political statement, but I have a friend who’s out in Iraq right now and he’s fighting not only for the freedom of the Iraqi people but for our freedom too!


Can i also ask you prayer warriors to be prayin on my behalf?  I’ve been really weak lately and I know that God is growing and stretching me, but I also konw that in the midst of growth and weakness satan can really jab at cha… i dont like it at all.  I need to start seeing weakness as God’s way of proving his strength to me and of me calling on him more and more… i dont deserve a God who fights for me, but i need to recognize that he doesnt give me what i deserve… i get much better than that.  Please pray that I start to rely on God more and that i start to cry out to Him more when i feel like im in a pit. 

Thanks… I feel like i’m not the only one in this spot right now either… so just be prayin that God brings a refreshing rain on a lot of people around the Chapel.  I know that God’s always got a plan and we never see the big picture or the purpose behind a drought but God’s always faithful and he never keeps the rain away for longer than needed… i just need to trust God for rain…

“Let it rain, let it rain, open the floodgates of heaven”
He is SO faithful!

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