hello all!  Its definately been awhile since my last post… things are going well…

I was reading this book called Redeeming Love  by Francine Rivers and it was totally amazing!  I would definately encourage any and all girls to read this book.  Its a re-telling of the book of Hosea, another book which you all should read.  I read it in a week, it was incredible.  It is quite a large book, about 35 chapters with approx 5-6 pages per chapter, but its an easy read and you wont want to put it down.  I think I read about 15 chapters in about 3 hours…  You’re easily enveloped in the book.  I imagined myself there and I cried at the end (yes, i’m a dork and i was sobbing at the last chapter, but dont ruin the book by reading the last chapter first)

i’m in accounting class right now and we just started back up so i gotta go!  ttyl!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hey, so you know the idea of a movie tomorrow night? well, maybe not anymore. i was sick, like really sick, last night, so i might not be feeling up to going out. i don’t know, i think it might have been food poisoning, and i’m gonna stick with that ’cause then i shouldbe better by tomorrow night! anyway, if it’s something else and not food poisoning, then i don’t want to get y’all sick. anyway! i’ll try calling you later tonight.

  2. Anonymous says:

    hola. i have given up on sunday nights, along with everything else in life. we’ll talk. not on the phone because i hate the phone. hopefully i will be there sunday.

  3. Anonymous says:

    p.s. 30 days untill your birthday! i found a small something that i thought you might like. it’s nothing big (as implied by the word ‘small’), but i think it’s cute! you have to let me take you out to lunch or something for your birthday- deal?

  4. Anonymous says:

    do you mean that the last chapter of “redeeming Love” made you cry? or that the last chapter of Hosea made you cry?….or both perhaps?  hey, do you want to hang out on friday night? maybe watch a movie or something? maybe make it a double-date like thing. if not, that’s o.k. i would call, but my phone has not a ton of minutes left on it. maybe i’ll try calling you after 9 p.m. when the free minutes start! ~rachel

  5. M_n_Em says:

    Is this the book that amanda trumbo really loves too? I know that she was talking about a book that sounds just like the one you read. Well, just curious!

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