this is going to be kinda silly, but its gonna save me more money than it already has… i’ll explain!

I recenly bought a Palm Tungsten E2 at Office Max and it doesnt come with a “memory stick,” so I went to and looked at the pricing for them and they were going to charge me $130 for a 1GB SD memory card… BIG BUMMER!  So i searched around on and that was going to cost me $60 for the card $20 for the shipping and another $5 for the shipping insurance… thats also a no go… then I Googled™ “SD cards” and found this amazing website that was oober cheap!  SO… all of this to say, if you need any memory cards at all this is the website to go to… they’re super quick, and super nice (as nice as a website can be), easy to get around in, and they were the most inexpensive seller of the same card from Ebay or Palm.  I paid $59.95 for the card, $0.99 for the shipping and $2 for the shipping insurace… and now they’re offering me $5 back if I post on my website that I enjoyed shopping with them!!! I totally did… go there just to look!

Hope you’re all havin a great day and are savin yourselves some moolah!


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