I’m praising God for:

Renewed Friendships

His warm lovin!

Irritating symphonies of screeching dogs

3 am wake up calls from the above symphony

a God-fearing man who is obedient to his Father and sharpens me

Spring Break… all friends back home

Him teaching me to be patient and trust in Him

revelations of His grandeur in sunrises and sunsets

seeing my friends happy with what God has given them,
and taking joy in their blessings
even though its what i want for myeslf
(and smiling because I  know its all a part of His plan)

So, what are you prasing God for?

(and i want to see responses this time… [stinkers])
(they dont have to be eloquent, or big,)
(just things that you’re thankful for,)
( you’re praisin God for the blessing that He’s given you!)

7 thoughts on “

  1. forever_camping_Tamsen says:

    Yep, I defintly praise God for you!!!
     That he’s there when my alarm clock goes off and excited about another day with me even though I’m a tad less enthusiastic.
    That he hears my compliants, my screams of joy. (yes, I scream with joy,) I got a whole camp and I use it thank you very much–so I can jump around, scream and go bankers cuz my Daddy is dancing over me!
    I’m thankful for an oodle of brothers and sisters in christ who are constantly spurring me on to KNOW my God!
    And I personally am glad that I’m single at this point in time and my God is prepping me and my future Man for our happily ever after! :):):)
    Thank you erica!

  2. Anonymous says:

    sweet praise, nick!
    i’m praisin’ God for: the sun right now the awesome family that i have the girls God has put in my life in my small group at EXIT CHARLIE!  things that go bump in the night because they make me draw closer to God integrity and driving the speed limit!
    (p.s. taylor’s xanga is  kurlie_Q) 

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