hey… i love that song that i posted a day or two ago, and tonight Axel did it at Fuse.  it was amazing!  Such a good song! 

And I got my Christy Nockels CD today!  It is incredible!  I praise God for her and her obedience to Him.  She’s an incredible song writer and i love the relationship that she and her husband have!  Any Watermark CD is ok by me! 

have a great night guys!  ~e

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  1. Starlight0801 says:

    Erica!  Did you go to the Beth Moore conference in Chicago about a month ago?  I was reading some of your old entries and I see here that you got Christy’s CD in the mail – and I ordered it at that conference (and it is AMAZING!), so I thought maybe you were there too!  Just wondering šŸ™‚ ~Becky

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