hey i’ve got some big stuff on my plate and i need lots of you to be praying on my behalf.  someone came to me with some pretty big, possibly injuring news (to that person who came to me) and i’m worried for this person. 

please be behind me in prayer, i know i can count on all of you!

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  1. bethany_lehman says:

    i was glad to see your face this morning and hear our voice call out”bethany belisa!!”
    that made me happy. happy indeed.
    i will hopefully make it back in the next week or two…or three. i am swamped as well. but know that i love and you i consider fuse to be like a family to me. seriously.
    i am also going to talk to carter about doing something for israel. i have half of what i need. i at least want fuse to be backing me and bathing me in prayer before i go…you elise, and mark know my struggles so i really know you will pray most effectively.

  2. Anonymous says:

    is everything going to be o.k.? is there anything i can do besides pray? i mean, even if it’s that you need another “leader” to be around while you talk to someone if that’s the deal. if not, then know for sure that i’m praying for you and that person! love you much! don’t let the devil overwhelm you with this. give it to the Lord and do your part. He’s so great! love ya!

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