there are only two weeks left of school…this week, then finals week… i cant believe that this semester has come and gone–super quick. 

I have so much  homework that i need to get done!  I have 3 papers that i have to write for my critical thinking class and lots of other homework that needs to be done for that class (lots of make-up work).  So please pray that i would get it all done!

its 9:38 right now and i have class at 10, and i’m not getting up…. I”m such a bum!  i think i’ll just roll out of bed, put on a hoodie and go to class… sounds good to me!

hey!  does anyone have any prayer requests?  I realize that i ask quite frequently for people to pray for me, but not so often do i ask for requests from others… please leave prayer requests whenever you need/want and i’ll make sure to pray!

have a great day everyone! Make sure you’re praisin God today!

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  1. vote_contest says:

    hey.. this is kinda a random comment but oh well.. so like i am having a contest… it is who is the hottest person.. i have pictures on my site and u will hopefully vote.. i kno they arent that hot! but i am bored! so yea… and if u dont want to acutally vote and put some stupid comment just dont… i only want ppl to comment back that is giving me the names of the ppl they think is the hottest, so pleez comment back and tell ur friends to like vote too… thanx if u vote winners will be posted sometime this month.. sry if i have already commented on ur site b 4, i cant remember everyone’s site…

  2. Anonymous says:

    yeah, actually i have finals nest week too. i dont have any on tuesday tho. also, im going to be staying at my grandmas house in mcHenry from this Thursday night to next wed. morning . my grandma lives like 5 min (if thh leat) away from Brandons house. she lives right across the out door. it would be great to see you!

  3. Live_Praise says:

    I’m right there with you with the homework thing.  we also have only 2 weeks left including finals, and I have dug myself into a hole, not too deep, but I will probably be spending most of my free time reading and writing papers over the next three days.  it’s kind of exciting really.
    I will probably stop by Fuse when I get home the Monday after finals, so maybe I’ll see you all there.  have a good one…

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