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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Erica, its Mary Ellen. Just letting you know. As i said in my entry, i don’t plan on using this much, but yeh…talk to you later.

  2. Much_2_Messed_up_life says:

    hi there…i hope you feel better…i talked to Alex last night…i think you kno what about…he said he’d call and talk to you…and said you had to leave early sunday b/c you felt faint i think is the word he said but anyway i hope you feel better…ttyl bye~d

  3. Much_2_Messed_up_life says:

    ok well as much as it pains me to say this i have too…i need major help…i dont kno what to do anymore…and no one seems to care…probably b/c i have been distant but w/e … i just need to say some things to the parents and dont kno how and am kinda fliping out…as of..oh…idk…NOW!! but w/e i will handle it…i am trying not to ask for help as much b/c its such a burden to EVERYONE it seems … so yea … talk to you lata…i didnt see ya at Edge this sunday but hopefully i will c u next sunday..bye~d

  4. para0626 says:

    hey erica i finally read your comment and thank you for the encouraging words it means alot, only because i feel like no one ever really sees the serious side of me, i know that i am a crazy girl but i can be serious and mature too ahahha. but even though i didnt get to know you more while at ctown exit and edge i will still cya at fuse right? well i hope. anyway your awesome and i can see that Gods definetly using you!…..kirsten

  5. Anonymous says:

    i love to read poe because he wrote about things that hurt him. if you read his work you can feel his pain eventhough he died over 100 years ago. that’s why i read his work all the time

  6. Much_2_Messed_up_life says:

    yes someone said something to me…i just feel like asking for help is a burden on everyone!! no one seems to help too much (execpt for you and Beci and few others) and everytime i talk to A CERTAIN SOMEONE…she feels pain and does STUPID things like me!! and i cant have her doing that i cant have ANYONE feeling pain b/c of what i say…so im done!!~d

  7. Much_2_Messed_up_life says:

    i upset everyone i ask for help so maybe i should just stop!! just like the song from wicked says…”no good deed goes un-punished”…i guess i will just live w/ what God gives me…thanks for all you’re help but i have to figure things out on my own (whith God as my guide) talk 2 u later.~d

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