should i shut down my xanga?  I probably wont because i love to read everyone else’s posts and i enjoy commenting when i can, but i just dont post myself…  maybe that will change soon since school is almost out, but maybe it wont… idk..

today was a rough day.  it started out good.  i got lots of homework finished, but then i had a confrontation that sent me into a tizzy, but i was remedied a bit.  then work came, which also started out well.  but then one girl and one boy preceeded to disobey me and all went haywire.  I may have lost it at the girl, but it wasnt crazy-lost-it it was “dangit, obey me woman!”  Trust me i didnt do anything bad, but i looked her in the face sternly and told her to go where she was supposed to be.  My kids will never defy me like she was doing today.  They will certainly be spanked if they do.

Now i am home, tired, exhausted actually, and needing to get homework completed, pack for my trip and get some much-needed sleep.  please pray that all of the occures. 

How is everyone else doing?  I hope life is treating you well!  How are all of you?  Seriously, how is everyone doing?

hope you have a good night, not great, because not everything can be great at all times, we all have to deal with some not-greatness…

smile… please

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  1. Anonymous says:

    smiling is VASTLY over-rated!! but yea keep your xanga b/c xanga is cool and yea thats about it c u tuesday bye ~piper/dee~

  2. Anonymous says:

    keep the xanga, Rica! i love reading the things you post. it’s awesome to see what’s going on with you. i know i see you all the time, but i’ve realized thzt we hardly ever get to talk anymore. i miss the times of chatting! we’ll have to work on that this summer. keep going with God. DON’T let the devil get you down when the Lord is trying to grow things in you. i love you! see you sunday! rachel

  3. Anonymous says:

    dont you dare shut down your xanga….yeah he got married last year..give me a call chica!!  when youever want to hang out!! its eben way to long!!

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