happy memorial day!!!

enjoy the day off and the freedom to do whatever you want (within reason) cause it was bought with the price of many men and women who laid their life’s down for this country!

later gators.  ~e

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  1. Much_2_Messed_up_life says:

    hi sry i am like levin you like a million comments but this i really have 2 say … God taught me this and a combonation of what you said too… so here it goes… ok i just realized that i am sorta doin 2 you what sarah is doin to me and i cant be doin that!! and im sry about that and i really have to talk 2 god more and trust in him more and just pray for his help and if then i need more help i should come 2 you or someone else and not dwell on the old stuff and just keep up w/ my life…Tamsen drove me home and we were talkin about this and she really helped me to understand…i know that i have red the bible and ive red it cover to cover but i havent actually RED it b 4 i just kinda red and didnt know what i was readin…i really have 2 sit down and comprehend what i am reading so it will (can) help me!! and i am so happy right now b/c i can realize this and i thank u so much for all your help and i will still call and talk if i need ya but only AFTER i have talked w/ god and even my mom if i have 2 but yea i hope that this information will help me to end the SADNESS and the crazy messed up life that i hate and wanna leave behind me so i can be happy again i will c u tuesday i think? is there Exit this sunday or was it next sunday we didnt have Exit? im confusled!! ok i will talk 2 you later and Thanks Again!! much love ~dee~

  2. Anonymous says:

    okiee chica so we always talk about hanging out…we so need too chica!!!!!  I MISS YOU like crazy!!!

  3. Odoriko_chan says:

    I have fun tonight!! It was so great to see you!!!  We should do something like once a week or something…some hang out time.  Maybe then I’d remember your christmas present!!! HAH  Love you, Beth

  4. Anonymous says:

    oh and for the whole changing the name thing i dont know how in the 1st place w/out making a new one so i dont know if i could make a new one so yea i will c u tuesday bye~piper/dee~

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