Brandon’s an uncle!  Rebekah Lynee.  She’s 6 lbs 12 oz.  And i think this weekend we’re gonna go out and see her!  I’m super excited! 

Hey, I hope that everyone is doing well.  If anyone needs prayer but you dont want to put it on here, just click the email button on the right side of the screen.  I’ll definately be prayin!  Sometimes its good to pray for other people!

talk to you later kiddos  ~e

6 thoughts on “

  1. Much_2_Messed_up_life says:

    hey there hows the trip goin? i hope its amazing i luv babies they are so cute you must I REPEAT MUST bring back pictures as Rachel has already requested!!!! tehe i luv that i am happy now I MISS THIS FEELING!!!! c u on sunday i guess bye~dee~

  2. Anonymous says:

    hey, so is the baby just the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen???? i want to see pictures. oh man, i can’t wait to have my own little kid to show off! it’s gotta be the most amazing feeling ever! how is everyone doing? how’s “mommy:” after the baby? i hope everyone is well and that everything is going great! i love ya! ~Rachel

  3. Anonymous says:

    hey erica!!! its Sarah from Exit!!! nice xanga, very colorful!!! me likey!!! im tired today how’r u?

  4. Much_2_Messed_up_life says:

    im really excited and i saw sarah in Choir today and she was all mopy(spelling) and i asked her what was wrong and she was all “today is the aniversary of my grandpa’s death” and i was just all “im sry” and let her mope by herself and yea i think that went over well!! i didnt give the whole talk 2 god speech b/c we were in choir and yea not many ppl there ya know believe in god and i didnt wanna sound weird or anything so i just kinda said sry and left her in her seat i was like right “upove” her sorta its kinda hard to explain but yea thats what happened and i sang today for the awards serimony for the senors and saw emily YAY (thompson) and i saw Emily white as well she got an award for spanish somethin or other!! it was fun i got 2 talk to emily afterwards and yea we talked about the stuff and she always seems to know what 2 say b/c i went to the singing thing w/ sarah and afterwards wasnt plesant but talking to emily helped and she said basically what you said “getting PROFESIONAL help really does work” and stuff like that so i dont know still but maybe after my karate test on june 10th i MIGHT tell my parents but i dont know!! talk 2 you lata c u tuesday!! bye~dee~P.S. sry its long again!!

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