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  1. Much_2_Messed_up_life says:

    u must update this thing!! im serious!! tehehe cant wait i get to go to Exit tonight hope to c u there i need to converse w/ you!! lol big words tehe im happy(ish) wasnt earlier am now (sorta) ok ttyl bye~d

  2. Much_2_Messed_up_life says:

    i got to babysit a baby today!!!! i was so happy we (his mother sister and baby and i) went to take his picure today he was asleep half the time only got one pic w/ his eyes open but he is SO CUTE!!!! ok i will c u sunday PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL if you havnt already ok bye~dee~

  3. Much_2_Messed_up_life says:

    i cant sleep so i am online just leavin another comment b/c im bored and to nervous to sleep the baby is still cute and yea i emailed u a poem/song…so yea c u sunday IM SO TIRED!!!! ok well im gonna try to sleep now bye~dee~

  4. Much_2_Messed_up_life says:

    awww so cute!!!! i luv babies i hope when i am out of college and married that i will have like 2 kids but i dont know tehe i just wanna become a nurse more than anything (pediatric so i can work w/ babies and little children) and yea if that doesnt work out then i will try w/ the singing and acting thing but i dought thats gonna happen and my 3rd plan is to become a karate instructer but i REALLY wanna be a nurse but you cant really have families the website at school said it would be difficult but i really wanna be a nurse and i want a family (when the time comes) and so im gonna go for it hope you had fun and i might be able to make it to Family fun night but i dont know if my family would come!! lol but yea sunday im commin and yea thats about it im rambling b/c im nervous c u sunday wish me luck OMG I AM SO NERVOUS!!!! ok done now bye~dee~

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