New Environment

So, I’m somewhere new… a whole new environment entirely.  I’ve never been here before and I didn’t really think I’d get here.  It’s quite amazing actually!  I love being student, I think I could do without homework and all, but learning grows and stretches me and I think its what I was meant to do.  It just fits well for me. 

What is rough, though, it adapting to a new environment, new “culture,” new “rules” and understandings.  All of a sudden you’re in a place you’ve never been before and you’re supposed to know how things work, where you’re supposed to go for certain things and no one is really guiding you… so you feel like you’re almost groping on the dark trying to figure things out on your own. 

And then someone walks by and takes the chance to help you out.  I say chance because it’s a scary one to take… Its a leap of faith to ask someone if they want help.  Especially this day and age.  People are proud and they don’t want help, they want to figure things out on their own, or look as though they know what they’re doing.  But when that someone does step out and offer help to someone who is completely lost, it makes all the difference!  It bridges the gap and helps that “lost lamb” (me) to know where to go or how to even get there… Sometimes there’s questions you don’t even know how to ask, but you know you need to ask them–and that knowledgeable someone is there to answer!  They’ve been there and know how to help!

So, that someone is Alaina!  She’s been a Trinity student now for 4 years and has been such a blessing in my life!  She took the challenge to say hi and just be intentional in my life, and I can’t say how much that has blessed me.  Its wonderful to be known and to know that you’re known.  I know (there’s that word again) that it sounds silly altogether, but there’s something deep in all of our souls, that’s not really willing to venture out to take the chance to be known, but really wants someone to just ask.  We don’t want to put it out there because we might get rejected, or maybe they’ll never talk to us again, or maybe they will talk, but they’ll say what we don’t want them to say… but to those few people who make the jump to listen, to just be there, and to hear us out, they make all the difference…

So, again, here’s to Alaina, and all those other people who jump outside of their own comfort zone and reach out to those of us who don’t feel like asking for help, or just don’t even know how to ask!  You make those of us who are worried a lot more comfortable!

Thanks God, for bringing me those few people who take the chance to say “HI” and make the rest of us feel comfortable!

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